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Hey ya’ll. I’m Christina. I’ve been married for half a decade to my best friend Jared. We have two beautiful, vibrant children: three-year-old Brookie and one-year-old Little Man. Our lives are crazy because we are silly. I hate clutter, love organization, and have a love/hate relationship with all electronics. Some days I feel like I have everything together as a mom, but most days I feel overworked, exhausted, and stressed. I have dreams of a future career in writing contemporary Christian romance and so I am immersed in my own little fictitious world.  But despite all that, my relationship with Christ gives me everything I need to survive life’s wacky moments. We’d love to include you as we share our moments dipped in ink.


2016-01-25 Moore Portraits Jared-9-Edit

Howdy! I am the oldest weird member of the family. The children and I take turns being weird, while Christina is the mostly sane one. We are a very quirky family. I am a Clinical Research Professional specializing in pharmaceutical clinical trials. In other words, a science nerd with a mathematical flare. My hobbies include: quality time with family, stamp and coin collecting, art, and putting together model airplanes/automobiles. We enjoy family devotions and learning about God. I’m the technical assistant for the blog and will share occasional quirky moments with you. As we jot down our goings-on, please enjoy our moments dipped in ink.

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