Exciting News

Moments Dipped in Ink has a new home! On July 1st, we will celebrate our first anniversary. It’s been a crazy, yet fun nine months getting started with blogging. I’ve learned so much and I can’t wait to continue to share with you about our lives.

Come check out our new and improved site: Moments Dipped in Ink. I plan to share approximately three posts a week starting on May 1st. Here’s a sample of our new (tentative) schedule. Tentative because…well, I have a three-year-old and a one-year-old.

Tuesday: Mom It Out

Every Tuesday, I will share a post centering around raising young children, homeschooling, or Christian parenting. I will also share what God has placed on my heart and how it’s effected parenting. Occasionally, Jared will write from a father’s perspective.

Thursday: Write It Out

Every Thursday, I will share about my writing. From brainstorming and planning to writing and editing, I’ll share what I’ve learned as I grow. This will include grammar tips, information on Christian writing resources, developing characters, and dealing with writer’s block.

Read It Out

Every week, I will also post at least one book review, but the days vary depending on my agreement with authors and publishers. The books I review all belong in the Christian genre, but I review historical, contemporary, suspense, devotionals, children’s books, and more. My passion, however, is for contemporary romance.


Check out our new site. Please enjoy or moments dipped in ink (whether fictional or reality.)


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