Bible Basics Board Book

One of the biggest responsibilities God has given me is to teach and instruct my children in His ways so that they can have a relationship with him someday. As a book lover, I am always on the hunt for books that teach about God so that I can surround them with His love. A love that I can share through reading. Then, I stumbled across this book: Bible Basics. From the moment I heard about the idea behind this book I was intrigued.


But even more so as I flipped through the pages. Each page is colorful and attention grabbing, perfect for the attention span of babies and toddlers. The book itself is a board book so it’s not easily damaged. I can see Brookie and Little Man handling this book for many years which is always a plus for me.

But most importantly are the ideas introduced through this book. Babies and toddlers are introduced to the Trinity, Ten Commandments, books of the Bible, character traits, and more… in such a way that they can learn without being overwhelmed. Even though some of the topics go above their heads, the tenants are there to be building blocks of the faith I hope they will once claim as their own. On top of that, it’s a counting primer. So instead of counting ducks and balls, we can count things found in the Scripture.

Author Danielle Hitchen (left), a mother and talk radio producer, and the illustrator, Jessica Blanchard (right)

This is a wonderful book and I am stoked to add it to our children’s library, but… even more exciting is one of these fantastic books is a give away! Please be sure to enter the giveaway raffle and share on Facebook to anyone who might be interested in this book. All opinions of the book are my own. I was given a complimentary book in exchange for an honest and fair review. I give this book five stars.

Don’t forget to click on the link below for a chance to enter a giveaway for this book:

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If you are interested in pre-ordering this book, you can do so here.


68 thoughts on “Bible Basics Board Book

  1. Hey Christina, We miss you! Do you find that Little Man has the attention for this book? I’ve been struggling the last week or two with baby ADD… I try to read a book to Lias, and he’s only interested in every OTHER book we are not reading :/


    1. Haha. Babies love to do that to us! Little Man is hard to get to read for any amount of time. But when he looks through it on his own, he’ll spend a good minute on it. At the age of our little ones, they’re attention span only lasts for a minute. Basically the equivalent of their age. What I do sometimes is give one book to him to hold while I read from another. Some learners are kinesthetic so they might have to do something while you’re reading to them.

      This type of book works really well with Little Man because he can do so much with it. He can turn the pages and bend…and if I have a chance I can point out what’s on the page and talk about it with him. Even if it’s only one page, it’s a great chance to instill a Biblical concept in him. And even Brookie who is now three gets a lot out of this book. So as Lias gets older, he’ll notice more and more and his attention span will grow.

      I miss seeing ya’ll too! We’ll hopefully make the next playdate. We were out of town for November and sick for October. So hopefully December will be better!


  2. This is truly a fabulous concept. I just wish my kido was young enough to enjoy it. Oh well there are always nieces and nephews to spoil!


    1. Haha, yes. It’s definitely a wonderful concept! I know I’ve always struggled to find books like this. Who knows? Maybe your kiddo could get some enjoyment out of reading to your nieces and nephews? It could definitely open some conversation about these concepts, too.


  3. Such a great idea, especially for all the little ones and my family! I’m into anything that breaks down the Bible and God into easy to understand lessons for kids. Thanks thanks for sharing!


  4. It’s a great way to introduce children to the bible and to reading in general. I love that it’s colorful, it will definitely grab a child’s attention.


  5. Teaching kids about God is very important. Although we try not to make our teachings on any religion we are particular to show our kid that all paths in life lead to God. Being a family that travels a lot I want my child to grow up tolerant to all religions and cultures.


  6. So nice. Me and my hubby also read the bible with our son every night. We are constantly challenged going from a picture bible to a big-kid bible as he grows. Finding the right bible can be challenging, but when you do, it’s a beautiful thing.


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