A little over a year ago, Jared and I coined the name of our blog, “Moments Dipped in Ink”. We were cuddled up on the couch, throwing out name after name, trying to decide what would best fit a blog about our family. At the time, Brookie was asleep in her bed, and I was pregnant with our Little Man.

This is a little snapshot of a time in our life when I was nauseous every day, exhausted beyond belief and growing a little baby boy inside of me while taking care of the needs of a precious little girl.

Jared and I have been blessed with snapshots and memories, pictures of our lives to share my favorite way–through the written word.

The time, exactly seven years ago today, Jared asked me to be his girlfriend with a single red rose.

The time, a year later (plus a few days), he asked me to marry him.

And of course, our wedding day, nearly five years ago.

But not every day has been perfect or good. Not every moment is happy. Like the day, we lost our first baby to miscarriage, and then a few months later, our second baby. There have been other difficult moments which is why we’re so thankful for the gift of laughter.

In fact most of the moments we share are humorous, at least to us. Here are some examples:

When we were juniors in college, we were on our way out from church when Jared (in his suit and tie) jumped into the trunk of our best friend’s car, allowing it to close on him while she started the car, leaving her wondering where he’d gone. I don’t remember the reason, but we were all tense before that moment, and laughter eased the tension away.

Or the times we laugh at the things our little ones say and how often it resembles what we say. Like the way, Brookie says, “Good job, Mommy,” when I answer her question. Or the way, she runs into her room and shouts, “Oh my goodness. It’s a mess.”

Or the way when I’m tired as I nurse our Little Man for the millionth time as the clock strikes three and my long forgotten Southern drawl comes out and the words that fall from my lips are mixed up. Imagine if you will, the look I receive when out from my mouth comes, “Jared, can please you get drink me?”

So this is our blog. Our way of sharing all kinds of moments. The ones that make your stomach hurt from laughing so hard. The ones that might bring tears to your eyes. The ones that remain forever painted in your mind, a picture you won’t forget. Those kinds of moments. And we hope that through these moments, we can connect with you and encourage you. Maybe even make you laugh.

So welcome to our moments dipped in ink.

Christina and Jared


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